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Critical Considerations for Selecting the Best Dog Harness

Are you searching for the right dog harness and you do not know how to spot the best one? It is a vital dog accessory that you cannot afford to ignore especially when you like taking your dog for a walk. Buying a wrong dog harness will not serve the intended purpose, and your dog will not be comfortable in it. You can opt for suggestions from your loved ones who own dogs, but you also have to consider the uniqueness of your dog and find a harness that suits it. Choosing the best harness for your dog entails making various considerations, and this article demystifies some issues of great importance.

Consider a harness which is attachable to a leash. Harnesses come with different designs, but the best one should be attached to a leash. The leash should attach to the harness at two points; top and front. When the dog is pulling, the owner can use the front attachment to restrain it and change to the top attachment when the dog stops pulling.

Select an adjustable harness. If you have a small dog, then a one size harness will not be the best because you will abandon it when the dog grows. With such a harness, you will replace it regularly when the dog increases in size, and it does not fit. If you have an adjustable harness, you will fit the dog comfortably as it grows and you will not spend a lot of money on replacements. A small size harness enhances chafing which can adversely affect your dog. Getting the right size of harness for your dog might involve taking your dog to the pet accessories store so that you get help for the experts.

Opt for a suitable dog harness material. Sometimes, the material of the harness might react with the dog’s skin and irritate. Consider a harness with a soft layer that prevents contact with the skin of the dog. Further, it must be strong enough to hold the dog as it pulls. Check if the stitching is done correctly and sturdy materials such as metal and plastic are used for connectors.

Have a reasonable budget for a dog harness. Your budget largely determines the kind of dog harness you choose. The most expensive harness is not necessarily the best quality. To get the best deals of dog harnesses, take time to survey the market and compare their prices at different retail stores. Online pet accessory stores offer the most affordable prices. Beware of fake dog harnesses that might be expensive.

Your dog might take a considerable period to get used to a new harness. However, allow it more time to get accustomed to it.

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